JR Castro

First single “Get Home” (featuring Kid Ink and Quavo of the Migos) is based on Faith Evans’ 1995 hit “Soon as I Get Home.” “I just love that song,” Castro says. “My sisters would play it all the time. My version’s a bit more X-rated. I'm just taking off all of the disguises and giving you the raw, naked truth of what's really going to happen.” Indeed on “Get Home,” “FMN,” and “Different Strokes,” Castro doesn’t shy away from being sexually explicit. (Neither did his idols Prince, Maxwell, and D’Angelo). “The lyrics are very provocative,” he admits, “but at the same time, they’re about love. There are many faces to loving someone. I’m just speaking what every guy who’s in love with a girl feels, from the nastiest things you want to say, to the sweetest things, it's all on here, and I think people will appreciate it. I want women listening to it to feel sexy and beautiful and special. I want them to feel like they're the most important thing in the world to someone. And if men don’t have the words to say it, they should play their lady the mixtape. I want to help them get their message across. Maybe a couple of babies will be made in the process,” he says with a smile.

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